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NB - Whilst the purpose of this blog was initially designed to cover our nationally important wildfowl ringing activities, it now also features wildlife and work posts, explaining how we manage the NNR for both wildlife and people.

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Monday 31 October 2011

October - Summary

The total number of wildfowl caught within the LDV this month = 93

Mallard 12
Moorhen 3
Teal 32
Wigeon 46

The odd hour spent ringing before work at the office resulted in 65 birds caught at Bank Island this month.

Blue Tit 8
Chaffinch 4
Dunnock 2
Goldcrest 1
Goldfinch 3
Great Spotted Woodpecker 2
Great Tit 5
Greenfinch 9
Long Tailed Tit 4
Robin 3
Tree Sparrow 23
Treecreeper 1

Sunday 30 October 2011

30/10/11 - Three Owls & a Grebe!

Today Jean Thorpe brought in a treat in the form of a Little Grebe! It had been found in Bridlington on a road. Jean looked after it for a few days and then brought it in to ring & release in the valley. Two colour rings were attached along with the BTO metal ring. It was released in the valley at Wheldrake Ings. Jean also brought in two Barn Owls and a Tawny Owl which were almost ready to head back into the wild.

Juvenile Little Grebe after colour ringing

Recovering at Ryedale

Steve ringing one of the Barn Owls

Saturday 29 October 2011

29/10/11 - Slowly does it

A whoosh net attempt at North Duffield today resulted in a small catch of Wigeon (9), 2 adults, 7 juv’s, 7 males and 2 females. The small catches are adding up!

                      Adult male Wigeon

Wednesday 26 October 2011

26/10/11 - October Recoveries

A few recoveries received today, two more Wigeon to Russia and two Mutes identified by the colour rings.

Mute Swan (Z84393), ringed as a 1 male on 08/08/98 at Derwent Ings, recovered 26/08/02 on Hornsea Mere (identified by darvic).

Mute Swan (W00243), ringed as a 1 female on 26/07/03 at North Duffield, recovered on 12/06/04 on Hornsea Mere (identified by darvic).

Teal (EL99885), ringed as a 4M on 18/10/08 at Wheldrake Ings, recovered 08/01/11 at Round Close Wood, near Haverthwaite, Cumbria (shot).

Wigeon (FH02692), ringed as a 3 on 10/11/06 at North Duffield, recovered on 29/10/11 at Ellerker, Brough (shot).

Wigeon (FH10123), ringed as a 3 on 23/10/07 at North Duffield, recovered on 01/01/10 in Solotcha, Russia (shot).

Tuesday 25 October 2011

25/10/11 - A good catch atlast!

This morning Jean Thorpe brought in 3 Mute Swans which were ready to ring and release after being cared for. All three swans were released on the river at North Duffield and took off well, another good job Jean!

 Waiting to be ringed

Tricky rings, our SRM showing how it’s done

After releasing the swans we checked the whoosh net at North Duffield, 21 Wigeon were in the catching area and lots more on the pond. After losing out on the last two goes (18th/19th when just as we were about to fire the birds took off both times!) the net was promptly fired & all 21 caught! The biggest catch yet for the autumn. It was a mixed catch of males (4), females (17), 12 adults and 9 juveniles. This brings the total to 35 for the year and 1650 for all time!

21 Wigeon!
Steve with his hands full!

Adult male Wigeon (eclipse)

Monday 17 October 2011

17/10/11 - Trying for a Jack or two...

We tried drag netting for Snipe again at Wheldrake today, none were caught, however atleast 1 Jack was flushed this time and 12 Common. In comparison to last weeks’ attempt (07/10/11) when none were caught and no Jack's seen but 16 Common were flushed.

Here are a couple of snaps from last autumn (Oct/Nov) - 14 Jack Snipe were ringed on 4 attempts over 3 days!

Friday 7 October 2011

07/10/11 - Great Spots!

On Wednesday the net was open at Bank Island for an hour before we started work, it was blowing a gale and only one bird was caught – but it was a goody – a lovely young female Great Spotted Woodpecker! Then this morning as we went to do a round expecting a few finches an adult male Great Spot was swinging in the net! We also had the first Goldcrest for the autumn.

                                         Adult male G.S.Woodpecker

Juvenile male Goldcrest

Saturday 1 October 2011

01/10/11 - First Wigeon for the autumn!

This morning the first Wigeon (8) of the autumn were caught in the whoosh net at Wheldrake and another go early evening also brought a catch of 10 Teal!

Total birds caught today = 19

Moorhen 1
Teal 10
Wigeon 8