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Sunday 31 July 2011

July - Summary

The total number of wildfowl caught within the LDV this month = 84.

Gadwall 4
Mallard 76
Shoveler 3
Wigeon 1

Saturday 30 July 2011

30/07/11 - Wheldrake Roost

After a drive round Wheldrake this evening there were a few birds flitting in and out of the reeds so a couple of nets were put up but only a handful of birds caught, all new though.

Total for the night = 17

Reed Bunting 10
Sedge Warbler 3
Swallow 4

Thursday 28 July 2011

28/07/11 - Swallows at Swantail

A few of us headed down to Swantail Hide this evening to try and bag a catch of Swallows. Hundreds filled the sky not long after we’d opened the nets which left us thinking it was going to be a massive catch, however a lot of the birds weren’t coming low enough. We ended with 58 birds including a few Sand Martin and warblers. Jean also brought along 9 Mallards to ring and release on the pool.

Total for the night = 57 (1)
Reed Warbler 3
Sand Martin 4 (1 control)             
Swallow 48         
Willow Warbler 2

Wednesday 27 July 2011

27/07/11 - Wheatear!

Whilst cutting & baling in the meadow at Thornton Ellers a Wheatear was spotted by Steve, it was later trapped and ringed using a spring trap and mealworms. Beforehand a Yellow Wagtail was also lured in!

Juvenile Wheatear

Tuesday 26 July 2011

26/07/11 - Buntings, warblers & almost a Quail!

Another attempt in the reed bed in front of Tower Hide saw much fewer birds caught even with the maximum number of nets up. Whilst walking upto the nets through the reeds a Quail took off from the ground and just dodged the net! It landed back in the reeds further down from where the nets were but it wasn’t to be seen again....

Total for the night = 44

Reed Bunting 24
Reed Warbler 3 
Sedge Warbler 17

Thursday 21 July 2011

21/07/11 - Tower Hide Roost

The conditions looked promising tonight and so a small team (just the two of us!) headed down to Tower Hide to attempt catching the warblers coming in to roost. Being only two pairs of hands we put just the two nets up in the reed bed. There was much less activity than last week, however a greater number of Hirundines were feeding low across the fields, leading to the idea of a Swallow roost next week. The majority of Reed Buntings caught were again mainly 3J’s. Whilst setting the nets for the roost three Canada Geese were also caught and ringed.

Total for the night = 28 (8)

Reed Bunting 20 (3)
Reed Warbler 2 (1)
Sedge Warbler 3 (4)
Swallow 3

Monday 18 July 2011

18/07/11 - A visit from Jean

Today Jean Thorpe (of Ryedale Rehabilitation Centre) brought in a Buzzard and three Tawny Owls to be ringed and released. The Buzzard was ringed as young female and released this evening in the woods at Sherburn where she was found. She took off into a mixed woodland with another Buzzard that was already there, perhaps the parent?! Another great job Jean! 

Juvenile female Buzzard

The three Tawny Owls are not ready to release just yet but they were ringed and so are ready to go as soon as they’re fit and well enough.

Steve ringing one of the Tawny Owls

Wednesday 13 July 2011

12/07/11 - Tower Hide Roost/Swantail Wader Catch

A warm and still night resulted in a very good catch from the reed bed infront of Tower Hide and a few waders (Snipe and Redshank) from the pool infront of Swantail Hide. An attempt at flick netting Swifts resulted in a single Sand Martin....but still it was a tick for Jean! As was the Gropper, Meadow Pipit and Yellow Wagtail so a good night all round.

Total for the night = 78 (6)

Grasshopper Warbler 1
Linnet 1
Meadow Pipit 1
Redshank 1
Reed Bunting 42 (3)
Reed Warbler 3
Sand Martin 1
Sedge Warbler 20 (3)                     
Snipe 3
Swallow 3
Yellow Wagtail 2

Wednesday 6 July 2011

06/07/11 - Ducks, warblers & waders

A visit to North Duffield Top Pond this morning resulted in the female Wigeon from last week and a new Gadwall. 
Adult female Wigeon  

After another day ragworting we headed to Swantail Hide to set the nets for the evenings catch, whilst doing so another Lapwing chick was found amongst the reeds, it wasn’t one from last week and so it was ringed and it was also old enough for colour rings.

Colour ringed Lapwing chick

Six nets were positioned across the water infront of Swantail Hide, in the hope of Snipe, Redshank and the two Green Sandpipers which had been heard calling as we set up. Not long after opening the nets just as it was starting to get dark a Snipe flew straight in!

                                Setting the nets for the evenings catch
Adult Snipe

From Swantail Hide a young Redshank chick was spotted on the mud infront of the nets, the bird was soon caught after two of us went into the reeds ‘sniper style’ and sneaked up on it before it could escape into the reed bed! This is the second Redshank chick this year to be fitted with colour rings. Several other Redshank were caught in the nets along with a Curlew and a surprise Teal! 

Redshank chick

Showing off his new colour rings!

Along with the wader nets mist nets were also set up amongst the reeds for warblers going into roost.

Total for the night = 18 (2)

Canada Goose 1
Curlew 1                             
Mallard 3            
Redshank 5 (2)
Reed Warbler 3
Snipe 1                
Starling 3 
Teal 1             

Tuesday 5 July 2011

05/07/11 - Lapping it up!

After a day ragworting at Bubwith Ings we crossed the water and headed off in search of Lapwing chicks that we thought might be nearby, as during the afternoon a pair of adult birds were mobbing a Crow leading us to believe they were protecting young. Not long after being there we found three chicks down by the waters’ edge, these birds were bigger than the brood found last week at Swantail Hide and so each one was fitted with colour rings.
Lapwing chick

Trying to hide!

On Friday at the end of the day a quick check of the duck trap resulted in another Shoveler! This time an adult female! Four Barn Owl chicks were also ringed at North Duffield.