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Friday, 27 April 2012

26/04/12 - More Whimbrel....more water....

It’s probably fair to say the UK has been experiencing a bit more than April showers during the last week or two! The rain has continued to fall and increased flooding in the valley, Wheldrake is now in-accessible as the carpark stands under 3 foot of water. Ellerton is currently looking more like a lake than a field and the river at Bubwith bridge is looking rather full (a few photographs can be seen at the bottom of the post).

Wednesday (25th) was a particularly poor day weather wise, with torrential rain for the majority of the day making it impossible to pick out any colour-ringed Whimbrel. Despite the bad weather Dave went to the roost at Thorganby and counted 38 birds.

Thursday (26th) was a much better day and the weather allowed great views of the Whimbrel in the fields at Storwood and Thorganby which resulted in 4 ‘new’ birds for this year, plus 3 already seen (O-Y/Y, Y-L/L & R-R/R). Craig & Dave went to Thorganby in the evening & counted 46 birds coming in to roost - the highest count yet. The details for the four new birds from Thursday can be seen below:

Whimbrel: Yellow - White/Yellow

2009 - Ringed on 29th April.
2011 - Re-sighted by PR on 19th & 27th April.
2012 - Re-sighted by CR on 26th April.

Whimbrel: Orange - White/White

2006 - Ringed on 23rd April, re-sighted on 8th May.
2012 - Re-sighted by CR on 26th April.

Whimbrel: Pink - White/White

2010 - Ringed on 19th April, re-sighted on 2nd May.
2012 - Re-sighted by LM & CR on 26th April.

Whimbrel: Pink - Red/Red

2010 - Ringed on 19th April, re-sighted on 2nd May.
2012 - Re-sighted by LM & SH on 26th April.

Here's a few photographs from around the valley which show the extent of the flood.............

 Wheldrake footpath will be out of use for awhile!

 Ellerton landing underwater

 River Derwent at Bubwith bridge

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