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Monday, 23 April 2012

23/04/12 - They’re back!

Following the appearance of the first two returning Whimbrel at the Wheldrake roost on Wednesday evening (and with the bird information services showing a few more scattered around the country), Craig visited the feeding fields around Storwood on Friday evening (20th) after work.

Arriving at the favoured field, three birds were present and rather amazingly, all three were colour-ringed - two from 2009 and one from 2006! How nice it is to find these old returning ‘friends’ and how amazing it is, having travelled approximately 16,000 Km since they were last here, to appear in exactly the same feeding field. Below are the full histories for the three birds:

Whimbrel (EL49641): Orange - Yellow/Yellow 

2006 - Ringed on 23rd April, followed by regular sightings until 2nd May.
2009 - Re-sighted by DT on 20th April, followed by three more sightings from PR until 25th April.
2010 - Re-sighted by PR 19th April (afternoon) then caught at the roost - fitted with a radio tag - last signal/sighting on 27th April.
2011 - Re-sighted by CR/DT on 20th April, followed by three more sightings from PR until 29th April.
2012 - Re-sighted on Friday (20th April) - 16,000 Km round trip to get back to the same field on either 19th or 20th April this year. Note whilst ringed on 23rd April 2006 it may have arrived on 19th or 20th, it also shows no lasting effect on the bird from radio tagging.

Whimbrel (EL49892): Yellow - Lime/Lime 

2009 - Ringed on 29th April, not reported again.
2010 - Re-sighted by PR 19th April (afternoon) then caught at the roost - fitted with radio tag, last signal/sighting on 30th April
2011 - Re-sighted by PR on 24th April, followed by five more sightings until 29th April.  
2012 - Re-sighted on 20th April.

Whimbrel (EL49888): Yellow - Red/Red

2009 - Ringed on 29th April, not reported again.
2012 - Re-sighted on 20th April.

The bird ringed in 2006 may well have clocked up to 96,000 Km since we originally caught him! Impressive stuff! There was no time to check for any other birds in other fields as they flew off for the roost site at Wheldrake Ings at 8.05pm - still, what a start!

Keep an eye out for our coloured feathered friends!

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