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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

28/03/12 - Norway...? No way!

This week we received a brilliant record from our friends at the WWT - one of our Whooper Swans ringed in the valley in 2008 has been sighted in Norway! Full details below:

W24882, ringed as a 4 (adult) on 30/11/08 at North Duffield Carrs, recovered on 26/03/12 in Sandsoya, More & Romsdal, Norway (field sighting).

This is the first record we’ve had of one of our birds to Norway, with the majority being previously recovered in Iceland. The bird was first ringed in the valley in November 2008 after a cannon net catch at North Duffield Carrs which resulted in 18 birds caught thanks to expert judgement from Mark Fletcher. K3H was later seen throughout January, February & March 2009 by Janet & Peter Roworth (Senior Reserve Manager at the time - now SRM at Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe Dunes NNR). After leaving the valley in 2009 it hasn’t been seen since, until now!

Whooper Swan 'K3H'

History of ‘K3H’: Ringed as an adult on 30/11/08 at North Duffield Carrs, it was then sighted early at the start of 2009 on the 3rd, 6th & 8th of January, still present  at N.D.Carrs in February (seen on 19th & 26th) and last recorded in March on the 7th & 16th.

On the day that K3H was caught and ringed, so were 18 other birds (all fitted with darvics), and out of those we’ve had recoveries from 3 individuals to Iceland (listed below), and a number of the other birds have also been seen during subsequent winters throughout the valley.

Whooper Swan cannon net catch - 2008

30/11/08 - Whoopers to Iceland:

W24881 (K3F), ringed as a 4 on 30/11/08, recovered on 08/07/09 in Kollsa, Hrutafjordur, Stranda, Iceland (found dead). Distance 1706 Km. 

W24868, ringed as a 4 on 30/11/08, recovered on 16/06/11 in Hvalnes, Lansfjardur, Austurskaftafellssa, Iceland (found dead). Distance 1407 Km. 

W24837 (V3K), ringed as a 4 on 30/11/08, recovered on 02/04/09 in Vik, Lon, Austurskaftafellssa, Iceland (field sighting). Distance 1410 Km.

Also caught on the same day at North Duffield Carrs were two birds originally ringed in Iceland, one during 2003 & one during 1993! They had previously been caught at various other sites around the world but it was the first time they’d been caught in the valley, details below:

(1 = ringed as a cygnet, 6 = ringed as an adult, VV = field sighting, R = re-caught).

A3294           1         31.07.93   Hvannamostjorn, Myvatnsheidi, Iceland
(CTX)            VV       30.03.96   Olands Vejle, Limfjoren, Nordjylland, Denmark
                    VV       13.12.97   Totterne, Limfjoren, Nordjylland, Denmark
                    VV       09.08.98   Svartarvatn, Bardardalur, Iceland
                    VV       16.01.00   Dybvad A Hemdrup, Nordjylland, Denmark
                    VV       09.12.00   Welney WWT, Norfolk
                    VV       23.03.03   Welney WWT, Norfolk
                    VV       16.08.03   Svartarvatn, Bardardalur, Iceland
                    VV       22.11.03   Welney WWT, Norfolk
                    VV       04.12.04   Welney WWT, Norfolk
                    VV       24.02.05   Welney WWT, Norfolk
                    VV       09.08.05   Svartarvatn, Bardardalur, Iceland
                    VV       04.02.06   Welney WWT, Norfolk
                    VV       26.12.06   Welney WWT, Norfolk
                    VV       09.02.07   Welney WWT, Norfolk
                    VV       14.03.07   Scarrataing-Tenston, Orkney
                    VV       29.11.07   Ellington, Northumberland
                    R         30.11.08   North Duffield Carrs, LDV

A6964          6          16.08.03   Svartarvatn, Bardardalur, Iceland
(V3F)           VV        15.01.05   Ballynagashel House, Co. Antrim, N. Ireland
                   VV        07.11.06   Bavelaw Marsh, Theipmuir reservoir, East Lothian
                   VV        11.02.07   Angerton, nr Kirkbride, Cumbria
                   VV        04.11.07   Flikie Lodge, River Tay, Tayside
                   R          30.11.08   North Duffield Carrs, LDV

In total 45 Whooper Swans have been ringed in the valley, in addition, 26 have been ringed elsewhere and sighted within the LDV. Out of the 45 ringed here, 31 have been re-sighted subsequently, including 11 away from the valley. The data has produced a total of 21 exchanges with Iceland and single movement to Denmark, making this the first of our birds to be reported from Norway!

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