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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

27/03/12 - A ‘ton’ of Shelduck!

Well the target we hoped we might reach has been hit! Two more Shelduck were caught yesterday, one new to ring and one new re-trap to process, making that 100 Shelduck handled since January 2012!

2012 Shelduck figures:

77 new birds ringed
21 re-traps (from previous years)
2 controls - one from Martin Mere (caught during the January cannon net catch), we're still awaiting for confirmation for the other bird but at the moment it's believed to be a Scottish bird)

 Craig & Jean with the 100th bird!

 Fitting the darvic 'TX'

 100th Shelduck of 2012

Looking at the figures above it really is quite an achievement to say that we’d estimated that there were approximately 100 Shelduck present in the valley (through WeBS counts), and so to catch 100 different birds is brilliant, and it’s particularly good to catch re-traps from previous years.

It’s quite an impressive achievement by anyone’s standards, especially for a species with falling numbers ringed, a trend in which they (the BTO) are keen to reverse. The national totals for the last 5 years have fallen from 507 to 161 - and so based on those figures we’ve just done between 20 - 62% of the UK total (and 35% based on the 5 year average).

The total number of Shelduck now ringed in the valley stands at 422 (since the first in 2000) - so this year has been really good for us, and there may be ducklings to come yet! From the 422 birds ringed in the valley, 13 movements away from the LDV have been produced aswell as numerous re-sightings in subsequent years - below are a few selected recoveries for interest:

LDV Recoveries: Shelduck - Tadorna tadorna

GK90554, ringed as a 7F on 16.05.80 on Terrington Marsh, Norfolk, recovered on 22.05.81 in the LDV (shot). Distance 157 Km.

GN01168, ringed as a 1 (duckling) on 01.07.98 at Wheldrake Ings, re-caught on 28.03.08 at Wheldrake Ings.

GN24447, ringed as a 1 on 23.06.01 at Aughton Ings, re-caught on 21.07.01 at Breighton Meadows, again on 19.02.05 in Littleborough, Nottinghamshire, and finally re-caught again in Littleborough on 16.03.09. Distance 57 Km      

GN35788, ringed as a 6M (adult male) on 27.02.04 at North Duffield Carrs, re-caught 25.03.03 on Thorganby Ings. On 27.03.04 it was sighted at Blacktoft Sands RSPB Reserve and then on 04.02.05 it was re-caught at N.D.Carrs.

GN35780, ringed as a 6M on 27.02.04 at N.D.Carrs, recovered on 18.09.04 in Trischen, Germany (found dead). Distance 629 Km.

GN83029, ringed as a 6M on 21.02.05 at N.D.Carrs, re-sighted on 03.03.07 on Ladyburn Lake, Hadston, Northumberland. Distance 167 Km.

GN83039, ringed as a 6M on 22.02.05 on Thorganby Ings, re-caught at N.D.Carrs on 02.03.06 & again on 01.04.06, it was then spotted in the field on 26.12.06 & 02.01.07 at Martin Mere WWT Reserve, Lancashire. Distance 130 Km.

GN83040, ringed as a 6M on 23.02.05 at N.D.Carrs, recovered on 12.09.10 in Skeffling, Humberside (found dead). Distance 66 Km.

GN81927, ringed as a 6M on 28.02.05 at N.D.Carrs, re-sighted at Filey Dams YWT Reserve on 01.03.05 & 13.03.05.

GC00908, ringed as a 6M on 17.03.06 at N.D.Carrs, re-sighted on 15.02.07 & 20.02.07 at Martin Mere WWT Reserve. Distance 130 Km.

GC00913, ringed as a 6M on 17.03.06 at N.D.Carrs, and then re-sighted on 08.05.10 at North Cave Gravel Pits. Distance 19 Km. It was later re-caught (15.03.11) on Thorganby Ings.

GC00929, ringed as 6M on 31.03.06  at N.D.Carrs, re-sighted on 15.02.07 at Martin Mere WWT Reserve and then later re-caught at Martin Mere (12.12.07). Distance 130 Km.
GC24224, ringed as a 1 on 17.06.07 at Wheldrake Ings, re-caught on 23.11.09 on Bull Island, Dublin Bay, Eire. Distance 381 Km.
GN81832, ringed as a 1 on 24.06.07 at Wheldrake Ings, re-caught on 14.02.10 at North Cave Gravel Pits. Distance 31 Km.

The power of plastic!

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