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Monday, 23 July 2018

09/07/18 - Tern raft success

Two months ago, as the floodwater finally receded enough, our team helped us carry the tern raft onto the top pond at North Duffield Carrs (easier said than done), so it was great to return last week with everyone to see the result of their efforts. As we pulled the raft in from the middle of the pond it was fantastic to see three healthy chicks present, with two of them using the little shelters we put out for them last month. This is only the second time Common Terns have bred successfully in the valley following the provision of the two rafts last year thanks to a kind private donation to the ‘Friends of’ group. There is also presently another pair incubating on the reserve at Wheldrake Ings on our second raft, so this could be another record-breaking year. Up to five pairs were present earlier in the spring but our rafts appear a bit on the small side for them to share so we are hoping to install more onto the reserve next year – please help the ‘Friends’ purchase additional rafts, as well as delivering other benefits by supporting their new Go Fund Me campaign - https://www.gofundme.com/conserving-the-lower-derwent-valley.

Three years ago, the Friends of the Lower Derwent Valley set up a trust to help conserve the LDV NNR and have done a fantastic job with their efforts. In just a short space of time they have built up an impressive track record having made financial contributions as match funding to bids by both Natural England and YWT for management and visitor works, and have secured various grants and donations for the Swift project and tern rafts. They have also contributed to the research carried out on our nationally and internationally important bird populations and have recently been successful in securing funding for reed bed creation in the valley, but now they’re asking for additional help.
Following on from the success of those projects, the ‘Friends’ are now looking to increase their funds to help support other projects in the local area – providing Sand Martin nesting banks, purchasing and re-creating traditional floodplain meadows for Corncrake management and further satellite tagging of our migratory bird populations. After the success of the first tern raft last year they would also like to provide another raft. However, they need a bit of help along the way, and following on from a few offers of donations recently, have decided to set up a 'Go Fund Me' page to help generate funding. For anyone interested in wildlife and conservation in the local area please visit their page using the link above, to help them deliver even more great benefits for both local wildlife and people that visit the Lower Derwent Valley, thank you.

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