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Thursday, 29 June 2017

14/06/17 - Springwatch Peregrines

As many of our regular followers will know, local wildlife rehabber and LDV volunteer Jean Thorpe, spends her time helping sick and injured wildlife back into the wild, with this week being no different – other than involving the BBC Springwatch film crew. Last week Jean received a call from the RSPB Investigation Team with the news of three juvenile Peregrine chicks lifted from a nest in Ludlow, Shropshire, after both parents had been found dead nearby, presumably illegally killed. 

Dead Peregrine - c/o Tim Jones

After a short stint with Jean, keeping warm and feeding up, the chicks, two females and a male, were soon to be on their way to foster nests. 

Peregrine chick - c/o Tim Jones

With much consideration taken over choosing the nests, depending on the number of chicks already present and accessibility, it was decided that the two females would be placed in a quarry nest in the Peak District, whilst the small male would go to Salisbury Catherdral where he will join another single male chick. Hopefully a sad story will now have a happy ending - well done Jean and all involved at the RSPB. If you missed it on Springwatch then you can watch the episode (07/06) on the BBC iplayer.

Jean ringing the chicks before release


  1. Great work, I'd love to read your update on the fate of the chicks. I saw the male on Springwatch, did the rehab of the female chicks go as smoothly?

    1. Thank you - & yes we are pleased to be able to report that both of the females fledged successfully - thanks to the local birders for keeping an eye on them and keeping us in the loop.