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NB - Whilst the purpose of this blog was initially designed to cover our nationally important wildfowl ringing activities, regular readers may have noticed the increase in posts detailing wildlife found across the valley (ranging from plants, fungi, butterflies, dragonflies & other invertebrates). Ringing posts will hopefully resume over the winter months, and will run alongside wildlife and work posts.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Whimbrel recovery

Way back in 2009 during the Whimbrel roost catch on 29th April we managed to catch a bird wearing a Belguim ring (E277977).  Details finally received this week showed that it was actually ringed in the wintering grounds on 14th January 2002 in Senegal, over 4000 km to the south of the Lower Derwent Valley. This bird, along with another 101 Whimbrel caught at the Wheldrake Ings spring roost since 2004, is now carrying colour-rings, so we may hear of further sightings of this individual over coming years. We’ve had another two to the wintering grounds in Africa, both further south than this, whilst we have also controlled a Spanish ringed bird that was taken into care and released on the Canaries. 

There is further information on the Lower Derwent Valley Whimbrel project website which can be found at www.whimbrel.info/

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